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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

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I doubt the network execs told them: "Make 5 time travel episodes a season", or "Make the temporal cold war absurdly convoluted, and not in a mysterious exciting Lost or Twin Peaks sense, but rather in a 'Just fucking stupid and impossible to logically track' sense."
Well, you're wrong, at least where ENT is concerned. Berman & Braga didn't want to deal with time travel at all on that show; it was entirely in response to the network's demand for something that moved forward from the TNG era.
The execs wanted the future to be involved, which could have been accomplished by one group from the 25th century with consistent presence and goals. Instead we get 30th century people trying to stop 27th century people who seem to hold the Stargate Asgard principle of 'Whenever something bad is going to happen, don't do anything, but instead warn people about it who have way less power than you do, citing obscure nonsensical reasons why you can't do it yourself'.

Again, that's the worst example you could've chosen. The lack of serialization was one of the things that was definitely due to the network's will rather than the producers'. VGR and ENT were episodic because that's what UPN wanted.
Read my post more carefully without a lens of assumed hostility. The purpose of that part of my post was to say that, they could have made either the kind of show the writers wanted OR the kind of show the execs wanted, and made it a really good show if the writing wasn't shit.

Between the end of DS9 and the 3rd season of Enterprise, both the execs and the writers displayed absolutely no idea what the people who still tuned in every week wanted in a television show.
Oh, great, another person who says "what people want" when what you really mean is "what I want." Why do so many people do that? Is it too frightening to stand up and admit your opinions are your own and not necessarily shared by everyone?
Oh, that's not what I want. What I wanted was a completely serialized chronicle of the events leading to the foundation of the Federation that showed the growing pains of discovering the reasons for the Federation's ideals. That is the formula that seems to cause television shows to have high ratings: Characters that people like, whose development drives the show, exciting adventure and smart action. The kind of show I wanted would have gotten even lower ratings.

None of them ever thought 'Hey, let's have a character driven show with exciting adventure and smart action', which is what might have kept the franchise going a little longer.
The producers of ENT actually did make it a character-driven show at first; a lot of the first season's episodes are smallish character pieces that are more about exploring the crew and their relationships than about big action and high concepts.
The early episodes were about as character driven as an episode of Full House. Some character's personal quirk caused a problem, and they 'learned a lesson' which was summarily forgotten by the next episode. Each character overcame the same personal failing in every episode about them, just like on Voyager.
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