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Re: Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

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Really though, it's hard for me to separate the character arcs from what pissed me off about the main plot's ending. The idea that everybody would reject science and technology like that is just insane to me. And a really, really bad message for a sci-fi show.

"Embrace God! Throw all your technology in to the sun!"

A few of them? Sure. I could buy Adama being like, "All right, let's live off the land!" But THE ENTIRE FLEET? LMFAO. Some dude whose mother is dying of cancer is not gonna be like, "Woo! Let's get rid of all medical supplies and equipment! Let's find our way in a primitive and violent culture!" not to mention the general people who just wouldn't want to give up luxuries. You'd be hard-pressed to find a bunch of people these days who'd be willing to give up their iPods and laptops; and RDM wants us to buy thousands of people forsaking technology all together?!
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