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Re: A few preview Images of 2013 Star Trek Hot wheels released.

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Hopefully hotwheels will release a Voyager, Defiant(ds9), and a K'Tinga Battlecruiser. I's also love to see some alternate registries, similar to the Reliant/Saratoga Repaints they did. (Hood, Galaxy perhaps?) I don't foresee them releasing ships like the Akira or the Equinox, I just don't see there being enough demand for them sadly.
I'll second the request for the K'Tinga!! (must have!!)
Personally I don't understand why they'd do Excelsior before they'd do the 1701-E.
As for other registries? I'd love for them to do them as Hot Wheels Collector website exclusives. Personally I'd stick with canon ships, but even at $25 to $30 ea. I'd probably buy in. Just change the box to say "(blank) Class" then list all of them on the back with their source episode.

They could even turn the ships to face the other way in the box, and offer the 2 ISS Enterprises.

(I started listing canon ships here to help out our friends at Hot Wheels, just in case they read this... then realized just how much of my geek I was showing.)
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