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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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JLD#17-the adventure on the alternate planet where Magic has been restricted in the city of Epoch has been fun. Timothy Hunter riding a giant reptile beast on the last page was a cool visual. Madame Xanadu is barely hanging on to life. I hope Frankenstein sticks around after this adventure. I also would like to see Amaya join up. Been enjoying Sword of Sorcery but that's ending.

Aquaman #17 was a solid epilogue to Throne of Atlantis, the series has maintained high quality for it's whole run. More Mera would be my only minor quibble for this issue. I'm curious who the mystery figure is at issues end. We know it's not Orm. Someone new perhaps?

Batman Inc. #8 - Overall a good read. Maybe I've just read too many of these type death stories, maybe the industry has me jaded or maybe I just never connected with Damian the way some did. I didn't feel any real emotion at that last panel. I felt it was trying hard to invoke imagery from Jason's death, and the art was good. I think it felt hollow to me cause it seemed to happen very quick and the whole issue Batman is trapped in that vault then he's there. It just didn't resonate with me is all.
How I feel, as I wasn't too attached to Damien either.
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