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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

I remember Darkwing Duck did a nice spoof of Twin Peaks, among other things.

I watched most of those old Disney cartoon shows back in the day, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Bonkers (which I liked back then, but I didn't know Roger Rabbit back then. Would have to re-watch it to know if I'd still like it). Anyone remember TaleSpin? Man, I loved those.

But Gargoyles, of course, was a whole different level. I was totally nuts for that show. As a fan, I still love it dearly, and I'd wish Disney would put out the final half of season 2 on DVD already (yeah, I know, sales and all), and I'd wish they'd allow Weisman to continue his Gargoyles comic.

And as a writer, this show was a heavy influence for me. I was too young for Twin Peaks and Babylon 5 and stuff like that, so it was this show that introduced me to the level of complexity a fiction series could accomplish, how something could be set up in one episode to be paid off several episodes later. Back when I was a kid making up stories with the help of his action figures and drawing his own series of Batman comics, Gargoyles taught me serialized writing. I owe so much to that show.
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