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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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Just based upon the clips
Disc one sounds like general McCarthy. The Die is Cast could be Way of the Warrior almost note for note.
Too good a theme not to reuse, but since that was on Best Of Star Trek Vol 2, I've had that for years, and there are a few dfferences later on. Its funny because I remembered the DS9 cue for the Defiant's arrival, so listening to the Die track and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting...

I don't care for Enterprise in the slightest, not seen any for years, not bought on DVD or anything. But I did buy the soundtrack as it reminded me so much on Generations.

dub wrote: View Post
Listened to most of the CDs on a long trip today. I think my favorite is the fourth CD plus the music from "The Visitor" (LOVE it).
There's more from The Visitor on The Best Of Star Trek 30th Anniversary, in fact the one track on this set is a direct duplicat from there.

I think for my digital archive I'll add the WOTW and Visitor tracks where they belong. If I don't go the whole hog and sort everything into episode order.

I've already added the closing titles to my Emissary folder!

jb1234 wrote: View Post
I think the Chattaway disc is the biggest disappointment for me. Almost everything before "Call to Arms" isn't especially interesting (although the "By Inferno's Light" cues have their moments). They should have included more of his emotional cues to balance out the action.
Interesting you say that, because I'm very much in agreement. I copied CD2 on to my phone and the track listings aren't (or weren't) up so it was just track 1-23, and there wasn't anything before Call To Arms I could place. It all just sounded like either his Descent or Caretaker tracks already on CD.

CD3 - Another 1 or 2 tracks from Sacrifice Of Angels and I'd have been so happy, still can't win em all.
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