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Re: 10 Reason ST:DS9 Misjudged

I also think they miss it.

Deep Space Nine was about 10-15 years too early for television and slightly out of order for the star trek series development.

It had a cast that was very diverse... much more than most shows of its era (or now)... with a black male leader, alien female second and third officers and an arab doctor. This, while wonderful for those who watched, doesn't bring in the largest audiences.

It moved away from happy endings and morality tales to long standing drama. If you watch a Nikita, Scandal, Once upon a time Hawaii Five O or a Blue Bloods today and there are long-standing plot lines and character arcs. There are imperfect heroes making imperfect decisions with complex situations compared to the Pre-DS9 invincibility of a Starfleet Captain's decision-making.

It's almost as if Voyager should have come first... so the alien of the week genre could have played out and Deep Space Nine would have felt or been invested into like a relaunch of Trek for the 21st century. As it stands... star trek quickly returned after DS9 (and during with the voyager run) to the Next Generation formula
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