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Re: RDM interview in a military blog (in 4 parts)

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I don't dispute alot of that, but, I definitely disagree that Tyrol, Tigh and Anders were random choices for Final Five Cylons.

Tyrol was so set up to be revealed as a Cylon practically from the beginning, that it would've been an epic failure if he wasn't a Cylon when all was said and done. I haven't done a rewatch of NuBSG, I only saw it in first run, so, I don't remember the details of why, but, Tigh and Anders were also on my list of Final of Five Cylons, it was only Tory and Ellen that surprised me.

Yes, I realize it probably is coincidence, and luck there were hints for Tigh, Tyrol and Anders being Cylons, since they didn't decide who they would be until the last minute, but, those three absolutely were not, IMHO, random choices that came out of nowhere, they made perfect sense to me at the time
What possible hints were there "from the beginning" that Tyrol was a Cylon?

(This excludes "hints" they started inserting for Tyrol, Tigh, and Anders in Season 3 when the "Final Five" concept was introduced, late season 3.0 - we're talking about how it fits earlier).

Tyrol was one of the people *least* likely to be a Cylon; he had a child, and the cardinal rule with Cylons they established was that they were sterile.

Many fans pointed out to Ron that this would mean that his son had to be a hybrid, because in their story-verse rules, sometimes a Cylon can have a child but only if it's genuine love (silly, but okay that's their story). Problem was they never even considered it would be a hybrid, but they'd hyped up Hera so much as "THE hybrid" that they felt it would be confusing to suddenly have another, so they did their most ham-fisted retcon of all to say it wasn't even his child.

Again: quite simply, how could you possibly think they were hinting at Tyrol as a Cylon in Seasons 1 and 2?

Or Tigh? He was a member of the fleet for decades, and Anders was a public figure, hard for him to have an unknown and unscrutinized background.

Maybe, maybe one out of the three would have been a stretch (Tyrol in particular), but all three was silly.

As for Tory, lets get this out of the way: no one cared about Tory and her character had literally nothing to do before the Fina Five reveal. She was brought in as a functional replacement for Billy because the actor left, in late season 2, did nothing notable throughout the final 4 episodes of Season 2 through all of Season 3, then they acted like she was a "wild card" pick for Final Five -- she wasn't really "a character" on the show before that. When asked, the writers said they never outright planned to have Billy be a Cylon thus had Tory take that roll...but Billy was sort of on a short-list and they never quite settled on it, so it was playing out an idea they settled on.

But again...WHAT hint that Tyrol was a Cylon "from the beginning"?
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