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Re: The Constellation's registry number

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Consequently, you have a sub-classification, that's proven canon by the (long range) primary phaser schematic seen in "The Trouble With Tribbles".
It's a phaser of a "starship" (= Starship Class) which obviously belongs to the "Constitution Class".

All the ships of the 16th design (Constitution Class), 17th design (Enterprise Class) and of the 18th design (Miranda Class) are "starships".
blssdwlf wrote:
Let's say the TOS Enterprise belonged to the Constitution Class. That again negates the "1st bird of the 17th design" idea. The USS Constitution would've been the 1st ship.

What we do have in TOS is the bridge plaque with "Starship Class" and the tech diagram with "Constitution Class" but nothing about Nth design. The Enterprise doesn't get to be the "1st bird" or lead ship until her big moment in TMP and confirmed in TWOK that she's her own class (or subclass of the Constitution Class). That puts suspect to the whole "Nth design" idea, IMHO.
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I'm a bit surprised, what happened to your "Thermian" approach?
My "Thermian" approach would've stuck to the Enterprise being "Starship Class".

My response to your comment (in bold) was a hypothetical following the line of reasoning and evidence you presented that she "obviously belonged to the Constitution Class" instead.

edit: Basically the idea of a class name other than Enterprise Class conflicts with the idea of the Enterprise being the 1st ship of the 17 design.

I should've been more clear on that.

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