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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Batman Forever and batman and Robin (both of which were better than TDK
"And I thought my jokes were bad."
Yeah, lots of credibility lost there if he thinks Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were better. Schuemaker is the guy that really screwed up the franchise, not Nolan.
I know people are getting annoyed by this conversation, but I figured I neded to answer this. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are horrible movies, but I can watch them from time to time. I guess, for me, they have a so bad its entertaining feel. They suck, but they can keep my attention, and make me chuckle at how bad they are. So, in that respect, they are better than TDK or Rises to me. Those movies are slow, long, boring, and I obviously hate them. I wouldn't rewatch them (well, ok, I've probably seen TDK twice since it came out, but 2 times in 4 years, and probably never again, isn't much). So, yeah, to me they are much better than TDK or Rises, but that doesn't make them good movies by a long shot.
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