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Re: Batman: Arkham 3

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If neither Rocksteady nor Dini are in then I don't see how exceptions could be very high at all.
Dini isn't a great loss. Arkham City is a great game, but the writing and plot structure are easily its weakest links (unless you're a fan of relentless misogyny and Jeph Loeb-style "shove everyone into the story regardless of whether it makes sense" plotting).
For a video game, I don't mind that kind of storytelling. All it means to me is longer game play!
I agree. The rogue's gallery of Arkham City certainly enhanced the game play. Had it been a movie or animated feature, it would've been a disaster. I give kudos to Dini for recognizing the difference.

I'm still on the wait and see list. It's hard for me to get excited about another Arkham Game that might be by an unproven studio and another writer.
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