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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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It was only weird to you because you didn't see it for what it was, a Batman/Shadow spoof.
Huh? You're entirely off the mark. Obviously that's what it was, but that's not the only thing it was.
In the context of its target audience, hell yes that's all it was, because that's all it needed to be.

And the fact that it was that has no bearing on my point that it drew more on Warner Bros. cartoon conventions whereas DuckTales was rooted more firmly in Disney and Carl Barks conventions (as one would naturally expect).
But it drew on those conventions to make fun of them! They didn't actually want a serious "dark knight" superhero!

I mean, heck, we know that Disney TV shows at the time were prone to following Warner Bros.' lead, as evidenced by the show this thread was originally about. Gargoyles was originally going to be another goofy Disney Afternoon comedy, but when Batman: The Animated Series became a smash hit, Disney decided they wanted their own noir action-drama and revamped the Gargoyles idea into what it became.
One show aping the Batman formula is not evidence of Disney being "prone" to following WB's lead. It's just the opposite. Disney's goofy cartoons were hits before WB revitalized its animation house, and its first products were Tiny Toons and Animaniacs - goofy talking animal cartoons!

The only thing that ties it to DuckTales is the presence of Launchpad McQuack. Otherwise, the twain never met and didn't need to.
No, GizmoDuck/Fenton Crackshell from DuckTales appeared in five Darkwing episodes, and episode 50 featured cameos by Glomgold, Magica, and the Beagle Boys. Also, the recurring evil spy agency F.O.W.L. originally appeared in the DuckTales episode "Double-O Duck," which was itself the inspiration for Darkwing. The current Darkwing comic from BOOM! has tied the two shows together more closely as well.
Fine, it's a shared universe, but still two shows with two different premises. DuckTales was supposed to be Indiana Jones with characters mostly related to Donald Duck. Darkwing Duck, once again, is a dark avenging hero spoof, so it doesn't matter if their storytelling styles - which includes how they're animated - are significantly different.

Which means all you're earlier point means is that you are overthinking things in terms of these old Disney Duck cartoons.
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