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Okay, I finally saw the rest of last week's episode, and it actually was fairly good. It's the first one in this season I've been impressed by -- partly because there was none of that stupid business about Power Rangers and aliens being unknown to the world. But there was some reasonably solid writing and dialogue. And the Megazord battle was fresh for once -- I don't think we've ever seen one done as a chase sequence before.

This week's episode was more mediocre. It's in the vein of old MMPR stories where the characters never had conflicts unless they were under evil spells. I prefer the later seasons where the Rangers were actually allowed to have natural interpersonal conflict. Not to mention that the depiction of Emma and Gia "hating" each other was nothing more than a little half-hearted squabbling.

Still, it's nice to get an episode focusing on the two of them at last. Even though it's a mediocre story, at least the two lovely ladies got plenty of screen time. I can't complain about that.
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