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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

Episode 20 was fantastic. I would have no problem if Ahsoka never comes back in this series. This ep works perfectly as an end to her arc. Hell, it would work as a series finale.

I love the look Ahsoka gives Windu when he spews that bs about this being your great trial and as a half assed way to sorta make her an official Knight. Now when you take into account everything that happens during Clones Wars, it makes Mace's death in ROTS a bit different. It makes you want to cheer when he gets shot out the window since he's really been a prick to Ahsoka and Anakin since the beginning of the Clone Wars. he's completely full of himself and believes he's infallible. a prime example of why the Jedi fall.

The music score was great. i especially liked the track during the end credits. The animation was superb. I loved the design of the Jedi security guards. The double bladed yellow light saber/nightsticks were cool. Not too sure I like Curry as Palps.
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