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Re: DOS Screen Challenge

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That actually reminds me somewhat of bits of the Burnout 2 soundtrack (one of my all-time fave game soundtracks). Nice work.

Talking of the staff on the game, I think one of the programmers who played your opponents on Stunts ended in charge of the the FIFA games at EA. Either "Bernie" or "Skid" IIRC. Not "Cherry" though; but she got a small part on The Commish. Not joking. I read it somewhere after reinstalling the game last year and wondering what happened to them all. That, and I wanted to see what Cherry looked like now, of course.
I'm not surprised. Seems like a good way to give a nod to their early history It's also kind of wild to think that the developer that started out developing the Test Drive series ended up creating a series later on to compete with it, and now is one of the best selling game franchises, outselling the series they started on.

I still think that despite its franchise length, Burnout 2 was the peak of the latter series in terms of sheer fun & imagination. Great music, cars with distinctly different looks & driving personality, full race replays, tracks with an excellent drifting "flow" to them especially Big Surf Shores & Crystal Peak, exciting mechanics (burnout chains rather than the boost bars that came later) and a nice learning curve.

Plus, Acclaim had the awesome marketing idea of offering to reimburse any (real-life) driver in the UK who got a speeding ticket on release day. Sadly the UK government didn't see the funny side and Acclaim backed down on the promotion.

I loved driving the Supercar around Big Surf Shores; on a good day I could perfect every lap, and not interrupt the burnout chain at all (which meant somewhere about 35 continuous burnouts). My original xbox sadly died recently. I can't play anymore and have lost all my saved records, so I sold off the controllers & games. But I kept Burnout 2, just in case I ever pick one up again in the future...

I know there's a emulated gamecube version available for PC, so I might get round to playing it on that format someday, but it probably won't feel the same.

Honestly, in terms of sheer racing fun, I'd put Stunts & Burnout 2 in a league of their own (possibly sharing the podium with Ayrton Senna Super Monaco GP2) and way ahead of most of the racers of recent years.
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