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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Engineering Deck 10 (Version 3.01 / 130301)

While the previous version posted in this thread was rather an experimentation battleground / heavy WIP I’m happy to present a new version in a much more orderly fashion (although there is one thing I liked better in the previous one...). Again, the lack of detail at this stage is owed to the aim to first cover all the sets and locations seen aboard the USS Enterprise in TOS.

The eye-catcher in this revision is probably the cover hatch of the engineering core in the center, which was inspired by the animated episode “Beyond the Farthest Star”.

I found myself unable to interpret the TAS animation cels literally (e.g. standard engine room). Especially the engineering core room cel is closer to a medieval painting than one from the renaissance period (which finally saw the overdue introduction of the perspective projection in art).

I’ve therefore taken the liberty to isolate the essential elements of the TAS engineering core room and re-arrange them in what I believe to me a more credible manner:
  • The room shape essentially appears to be a horseshoe.
  • The background wall and overhead lighting is definitely reminiscent of the bridge stations, apparently somewhat larger and without seating.
  • To the left of the room are control consoles apparently same as the engine room ones.
  • The cover hatch of the engineering core (resting on a hinge?) is definitely circular and looks better when parallel to the horseshoe walls, IMHO (I believe the cover hatch to serve as a sight glass which protects against radiation and decompression after the engineering core has been ejected in an emergency such as the one that came up in “That Which Survives”).
To the stern of this room we find the corridor segment with the Jefferies Tube with engineering circuit bay G-121 seen in “The Ultimate Computer” (UC). This can’t be the same corridor segment like in “By Any Other Name” because the GNDN on the wall left to the main door to the engine room (set) is missing here in UC (which establishes this scene to take place on “Engineering Level 3”).

The annoying side effect of the engineering core room is, of course, that the remaining space between this room and the “promenade corridors” is too narrow to allow the credible existence of crew quarters here, so I give up on this pet theory of mine (at least I keep the “diner area” between the promenade corridors and the outer hull).

I reversed the alignment of the “Phlox” EPS relay energizer corridor seen in “In A Mirror, Darkly” (AMD). After I finished this, I realized there’s nothing here to write home about, compared to the previous draft it looks like crap. The red (engine room set) door from UC behind Dr. Daystrom would now lead nowhere and the angled in access from the promenade corridors looks rather weird.

My “problem” was that the EPS relay column should align with the bigger “barrel” of the dilithium crystal converter assembly (dcca) of the warp drive engine room.
The battery (capacitor) in the “cathedral” will provide energy that is enhanced by the dcca to fire up the energizers (fusion reactors).
Their energy is in return enhanced through the dcca traveling in the opposite direction.

To keep this functionality intact, the AMD energizer corridor – correct alignment in the previous draft – would have to be shorter on the TOS Enterprise than on the AMD Defiant, where it practically extends into the UC corridor segment and takes up that TOS space, too (which I can’t consider a big loss, this UC corridor is somewhat redundant and might have been put to better use, i.e. four more energizers, aboard the later Defiant).

While I feel good aboard the starboard side “promenade corridor” (it never ceases to amaze me that the strange angle of the shorter corridor piece aligns perfectly with the strange angle of the AMD energizer corridor, the previous draft shows this much better, of course ), I think the port side one should have the same but mirrored design.

Because of the straight travel route through the center of the "core circle" in “The Changeling” on E-Deck 9 above, I said before that I presume there’s a transporter room on E-Deck 10 and it’s illustrated here on the starboard side towards the bow.

We discussed alignment of multiple transporter rooms in this Trek BBS thread, and I believe that the transporter rooms come as pre-fabricated, easy to service modules.

Nevertheless, especially because the “transporter section” door label suggests there is more than one in close proximity, IMHO (why shouldn’t the transporters work alternately but share one and the same pattern buffer?), I also wanted to illustrate an opposite transporter room (as suggested by Timo) on the port side, now that there’s no curved corridor in its way.

Needless to say I was rather astonished to notice that the tri-ladder from the forward main sensor-deflector engine room (E-Deck 12) perfectly aligns with a spot where there’s this strange wall ladder seen in the transporter room from “The Cage”. This ladder apparently leads nowhere above and oddly lacks a couple of rungs near the bottom. Of course, if there was a floor hatch that magnetically attaches to the wall and features these missing rungs you’d had a straight connection from the tri-ladder near the forward engine up to this transporter room.

Apparently it also has another floor hatch to access the Jefferies Tube seen in “Journey to Babel”. I don’t think the Orion assassin actually lifted the heavy (!) Tellarite ambassador up and into the tube but rather dumped the body in there from above. The vacant transporter room might have been the perfect spot where to assassinate the Tellarite ambassador and get rid of his body.

  • E-Deck 10 now reflects the TAS engineering core room (which I believe could/should be a little smaller, i.e. not wider than the adjacent turbo lift max. extensions)
  • Bow transporter section accommodates transporters from “The Cage” and “The Changeling”
  • EPS relay energizer corridor needs to be redone to align in a similar fashion as in the previous draft
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