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Court Martial - Ion Pod revisited

So, I just watched the remastered version of Court Martial. Once again, I have to say the remastered effects are excellent. I don't understand why people think they are so awful. They can't make them look like modern day effects because they wouldn't match up with the rest of the shots. Instead of seeing the same old stock footage, it's good to see effects that are more specific to the story.

Now, I did a search and see that this subject has been talked to death so I really don't want to re-hash all the same ideas and I know resurrecting old threads will get them locked.

I just wanted to mention that while this was a good dramatic episode, the whole "Jettison the Ion Pod" concept is as confusing today as it was back in the 70's when I saw it it re-runs. It seems the writers did not adequately explain the purpose of an Ion pod, or more importantly, why it had to be jettisoned in order to save the ship. I'm still baffled by the whole thing.

I do like the remastered shots that shows where the Ion pod was located (near the shuttle bay) and the "hole" in the side of the ship where it's obvious the pod was jettisoned.

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