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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x05 "Loud As A Whisper"

Jeyl wrote: View Post
T'Girl, I'm not a bigot.
First, I apologize for attributing one of your quotes to someone else.

I don't think you a bigot at all, I was bring forward a piece of information that might not have been common knowledge, and using it to offer an explanation as to why Riva was deaf in a society that had advanced medical abilities. Also why the crew wouldn't know Riva's particular gestural language.

I just hope that those who look at being deaf as normal don't preach to those who do want to hear again about how un-normal such an act would be.
As I understand it, there are rare cases of this.

I watched an excellent episode of Law and Order last fall on this subject, a young woman receiving pressure from members of the deaf community not to have an operation (cochlear implant?) to become "normal."

MikeS wrote: View Post
You've misquoted me. I never said that. Jeyl did.
Yes, I did misattribute the quote to you, mea culpa.

MikeS wrote: View Post
I do not understand your question.
I was inquiring as to which "foreign policy of the U.S. at the time the episode was written" that you were referring to. The only event of significance at the time the episode was produced and released (I admit to not knowing when it was written) was the military pull out from Afghanistan. This as achieved not primarily through arms to rebels (although this helped), but through diplomatic and trade pressure by the US and others in the international community against the Soviet Union.

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