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Re: Who were the main characters?

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That's not what the word "extras" means. Extras are background players who have no scripted dialogue.
Wrong. Extras can have dialogue, happens all the time. Especially common in Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies and Russell T. Davies Doctor Who.

Extras are the people sitting at the side consoles and never saying anything
Or the guy sitting at the helm, only chiming in with "Aye sir!" occasionally.

Actually Nimoy hugely eclipsed Shatner and the others in popularity, getting more fan mail than the rest of the cast combined.
Well documented, but Shatner's charisma as the lead is a huge reason people got so involved with the show. Both actors were equally perfect and important.

Walter Koenig did extraordinary work on Babylon 5.
Agreed, he's terrific as Bester. Because unlike his role as Chekov, he has a proper part.

And you're not only underrating the others, you're underrating Shatner as well. He's had more than one successful TV series since ST, including T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal.
Well, TJ Hooker was a commercial success to be sure but I was trying to justify his integrity as an actor. Hardly his best work.
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