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Re: Before Watchmen: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers ahoy)

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So, the last issue came out today.
No it didn't. There's still a handful of issues to come out before it's done. Rorschach has at least two left, Comedian has one, Ozy has one. Then after that their will be an epilogue issue that will tie everything together (or something). Then it will be over.
I think the Epilogue issue has been quietly canceled. It's not mentioned in the solicitation copy for any of the Before Watchmen hardcovers.

The Nite Owl volume collects Nite Owl, Dr. Manhattan, and Moloch.

The Comedian volume collects Comedian and Rorschach.

The Minutemen volume collects Minutemen and Silk Spectre.

The Ozymandias volume collects Ozy, Dollar Bill, and the "Crimson Corsair" back-ups.

Plus, DC hasn't solicited the epilogue comic yet. If it were coming out in a month, once the other series finish, they would have solicited it months ago.

No, it really looks to me like there won't be a Before Watchmen Epilogue.
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