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Old Freighter kitbash

...or This Old Freighter.

She's old - been in service a bit longer than the Enterprise in Kirk's time. Never seemed to get all the upgrades that front-line starships got - still has her original bridge dome; the engines had their final stage sections replaced with the newer ones to keep the old girl running, but the old bussards still worked, so they left them alone

PNT Dreadnought saucer stuck on.. guess what?

Yes, that's a bomb-bay belly tank from a 1/48 A-20.

The underwing impulse engine fairing are castings taken from the inside of the Lief's aft dorsal fairing, using Aves Apoxy-Sculpt. That doesn't work too well, btw, especially if you don't have anything to use a mold release agent.

I painted her with what was left of the can of Tamiya AS-2 I used on my 1/350 E, drew on some panel lines and weathered her to death. Decals are all PL kit decals except the name and number.

Bucephalus was Alexander the Great's horse, which sounds elegant and all, until you find out it translates as "Thick Head". Which somehow seemed appropriate for this ship.

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