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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

King Daniel wrote: View Post
How I'd love Trek to have such prominence all the time!
Coinciding with the theatre run of ST IV through to its release on VHS, then around about Seasons Five-Seven of TNG and the 25th Anniversary of TOS, and then ST (2009), would be the three times I recall bookshops around me having this kind of representation.

Some people still don't see it, though. Not long after ST 2009 came out, people from Melbourne and Brisbane posted here that their cities were seemingly "not supporting the new movie" by stocking the tie-ins - and yet, when visiting those cities myself, I was able to post pics of the movie posters throughout their CBDs, and dedicated book and toy displays in both specialist and general bookshops.

ProwlAlpha wrote: View Post
I haven't seen a sight like that since early last decade.
In Australia, we had displays like that in numerous bookstores in 2009. The one above was a specialist SF store, but even the regular chains dropped back "Star Wars" (often four shelves to two) and increased "Star Trek" (in some places one shelf to four) - for several months.
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