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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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I know the whole "free market" thing is supposed to be "supply and demand", but if I go to a store looking for a particular product and they don't have it, how is that "demand" being calculated?
If the store doesn't have what you want, you go to customer service and request it. That way they know there's a demand for it.

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I called the Barnes & Noble back tonight and asked if I could order a copy of Devil's Bargain for pick-up. I was refused. The employee told me the store computer system did not give her that option. I did not ask, but I assumed it had to do with this feud with Simon & Schuster.

All she could do was order it for home delivery. When I asked when the next copy would be in, she did not know. I was told to call back in a couple days. Useless.

I figured I would just go to Amazon tonight to, I kid you not, buy my first book off the internet. I dissemble a little bit. I've bought CDs and blu-rays off of Amazon before, but never an actual book.
You know, B&N has online ordering too. Amazon doesn't have a total monopoly -- not yet, anyway.
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