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Re: Who were the main characters?

Unlike the others, TOS is not an ensemble show. It's the Kirk, Spock and McCoy show with prominent, memorable recurring character Scotty and a bunch of extras.

Sadly, these bunch of extras are the most insanely entitled in TV history and Takei in particular has made a career out of attacking Shatner and causing drama for profit.

Which is unfair. Shatner was the main character, the star and the fact audiences loved his performance and were drawn in by it is the reason we're all here. He should be given more attention than Takei, Nichols etc.

Since leaving Trek, Shatner has given award winning performances elsewhere, starred in a successful TV series and pioneered the undervalued music genre of spoken word. Due to the mumblings of old extras, Shatner is now undervalued. Which is a shame as the guy is a treasure and a genuine hero of mine.
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