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Re: Before Watchmen: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers ahoy)

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So, the last issue came out today. Impressions? Was it worth all of the controversy? Did it enhance the original for you? What was the best series of the bunch?

From what I've read and heard about it, I think that Minutemen is the only one I really want to pick up in trade.

However, I think I would like one thing spoiled for me. I just read this at Bleeding Cool...

But what this comic does most importantly in the realm of Before Watchmen, and it breaks a rule seemingly obeyed by all the others, is that it goes beyond the final scenes in Watchmen. We see where Dr Manhattan goes and what he does. This is After Watchmen. And it certainly signals intent of where the book might go… if it were allowed.
So, what's up with Manhatten post-Watchmen? Is there any clue as to if Veight's plan succeeded in the long run? Do wee see what Earth is like post-space squid?
Nothing of the sort, we just see a very blunt follow-on where he goes to another planet where he creates life (in a very simple form which he releases into a lake).
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