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Re: Over-dependency on friends and relatives

I'm sure if she knew how it would make you feel, she would not have shown any kind of reaction, and would have spared you this... find comfort that it was probably unintentional, or maybe she had something else on her mind and you assumed it was about you... I find the assumptions we make are often wrong. Give her the benefit of the doubt, you will feel better, and you will certainly be dealing with her more fairly, unless she verbalized or acted out your suspicions in a direct way, all they are are suspicions right now. And unfounded suspicions can drive people apart.

It's always best not to lean too much on others though, unless you cannot avoid it, in which case you should of course ask for help without hesitation... leaves you with your dignity and satisfaction in personal accomplishments and puts less stress on relationships.

Simply try to spend more time focusing on what makes you happy, rather than the things that weaken you or make you unhappy. The difference between a person at peace, and an anxious person is not necessarily their life circumstances, but the things they choose to spend their time thinking about... Easier said than done of course... you're stronger than you think, we always are, just chip away a little each day - self soothing and being positive, and you will definitely make progress, more than you think is possible.

Good luck, and feel free to post back on your progress. Best wishes.
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