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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Well, you missed seeing David Andrews who played Pete Conrad in Apollo 13 and Frank Borman in From the Earth to the Moon, so he's someone who has actually played someone who has really been in outer space!
Counterstrike: Never mind all that, David Andrews also played Lorian in my favorite episode of Enterprise, E2. I didn't remember the name so when he showed up I was thrilled. AND we get Morena Baccarin!!! So exciting, and plenty more of her to come hopefully!

This episode had everything, The Rapture, Force choking, more hot eye contact between Vala and Daniel and a huge jump back into the main storyline. Excellent. There was a nice shot of bounders hitting us in the face as well.

One thing, and this has probably happened a million times before but I just noticed it.. the Jaffa marching sound did not match the actual movement of the Jaffa feet

btw was Vala pregnant for 9 months with Adria? Or did she grow super fast in the womb as well?


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