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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

ok so I've now read both 18 and Countdown to Darkness issue 2. I rather liked the Uhura origin story. It was a little bit lightweight but its heart was in the right place. It didn't overdo the relationship stuff.

I'm torn as to whether I would have preferred an uncle or an aunt featuring as an influence. We've already seen that Kirk's dead father seems to have more of an impact on his character than his mother, we've seen McCoy's father, and we've seen that while Spock's dual nature can be personified by his parents, it's ok to kill his mother because his human girlfriend can now step into that role. I suppose the difference between Spock and Kirk is that Spock's surviving parent is an ongoing influence while Kirk's mother is a footnote. So on the one hand it would have been nice to see the influence of a female relative on one of the characters but on the other would that polarise the sexes - the boys are influenced by other males and the girls by other females. I think they still need to change their game when it comes to gender roles.

I'm really liking the prequel comic. There are more than enough plot threads to make this very interesting. Four issue stories allow for so much more plot and character development that I'm still lamenting that we get only one or two issue stories in ongoing. Maybe if they do one four issue brand new story per year that would satisfy my desire for some more meat on the bones. I really think that the Vulcan storyline would have benefited tremendously from being twice as long. The opener was fantastic and there were a wealth of possibilities to explore. It was just over too quickly and neatly.

Nichelle Nichols would have been great in the centre chair and it's nice to see the Saldana version effortlessly filling that role with the same strength of personality. Now all they need to do is REPEAT THIS ON SCREEN - SHE DESERVES IT!!!!!

Once again, apart from Uhura and a navigator in flashback, women are thin on the ground. April's command team was all male and it's getting tiresome. Social insect hierarchies on Earth are dominated by females, including warriors, with males' primary purpose to mate with queens. It will be interesting to see if these alien bugs follow that hierarchy of they impose a male dominated hierarchy instead.

Overall, this was a good month for NuTrek comics.
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