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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Acamar III.
B is for Borg... Sounds Swedish.
C is for Canamar.
D is for Delta Flyer. Built using Voyager's magic shuttlecraft replicator.
E is for Ezri Tegan, the ninth host of the Dax symbiont.
F is for Federation Council.
G is for Gods. They fear Kirk.
H is for Huge. V'Ger was about as huge as it gets.
I is for Insurrection. AKA Star Trek IX.
J is for Justice. Klingons often had a unique view of it.
L is for Long, one way to describe the warp nacelles on most Federation starships.
M is for Meridian. That wacky planet in the Gamma Quadrant.
N is for Nerds playing Star Trek A To Z on the trekbbs.
O is for One. Spock was One while Kirk was Herbert.

Orac; Where the hell is that avatar from? It brings up a very ancient memory of some cartoon.
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