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Re: Typhon Pact/TNG timeline

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Just curious, as I'm getting back into Trek novels, how do the TNG and Typhon Pact novels intersect?

I've read up to Indistinguishable From Magic, and have read up until Plagues of Night in the Typhon Pact series.

Can anyone point me in the direction of how to continue?

Also, have they abandon the DS9 series?

The story from Plagues of Night concludes in Raise the Dawn, then the next TNG/Aventine novel is Typhon Pact: Brinkmanship, followed by the TNG Cold Equations trilogy.

You're already quite near the leading edge of the novel continuity, but you might find the reading order flow chart created by Thrawn and myself useful to navigate your way between the various series.

And as you should know if you've read Plagues of Night, DS9 is still very much continuing!
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