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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

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Here in Germany, when I go into a bookshop and they don't have the title I'm looking for.. ..I ask one of the employees and they simply order it for me and I can usually pick it up within 24 hours.
I called the Barnes & Noble back tonight and asked if I could order a copy of Devil's Bargain for pick-up. I was refused. The employee told me the store computer system did not give her that option. I did not ask, but I assumed it had to do with this feud with Simon & Schuster.

All she could do was order it for home delivery. When I asked when the next copy would be in, she did not know. I was told to call back in a couple days. Useless.

I figured I would just go to Amazon tonight to, I kid you not, buy my first book off the internet. I dissemble a little bit. I've bought CDs and blu-rays off of Amazon before, but never an actual book.

The S&H brought the total to nearly $13, an extra five dollars for a book that I wasn't even really excited for. No thanks.

So I guess I'll just wait and keep calling B&N and reserve it once it actually gets in.
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