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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

I assume that dwindling copies of books in the retail store is because many Trek fans buy ebooks or order hard copies online. I used to make the monthly trip to my local B&N to get the latest book and for the last few years they have never had more than two copies in stock. Quite often when I went in the store the copies were not on the shelf but in the back room and I had to ask an employee if they could find me a copy. To save myself the aggravation I started buying from B&N online. Since I am a member I get free shipping. I don't get the 10% discount online but if I look at what it cost me in gas to the store and back I save more by pre-ordering online and have it nicely packaged and delivered to my door. I used to like to hand pick my copy but when you only have two copies to choose from and they are both usually nicked up it's just not worth it to me anymore. Another thing I like about pre-ordering on B&N is they ship it as soon as it arrives in their warehouse and thus I get my copy before the local store does these days.

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