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Re: White House petition demanding apology for "Jedi mindmeld" comment

Jedi mind trick vs. Vulcan Mind meld.... it is hilarious blasphemy. I also have a feeling the flub was intentional... kind of like when Burger King and McDonalds swapped twitter identities.

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Star Wars is what you'd get if Wesley Crusher was the central character.
That is a blasphemy, but it sounds hilarious!
I can picture Wesley Crusher in Vader's armor. Why not?

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Wow, nerd failure.
That's for certain.

I love what Bill Maher said tonight on this topic and its backlash: "These fucking idiots are experts in every world but the real one."

I also remember what my high school teacher once said... he referenced the heroics of "Luke Skywalker from the Starship Enterprise" and we silently tittered about it behind his back.

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