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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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Any one have a problem with Cringer from Masters of the Universe?

It's a talking house cat that's afraid of everything comic relief.

Then Prince Adam says his magic word and Cringer loses 90 IQ points and gains 2000 pounds of muscle density and is utterly fearless.

And when your pet can talk, it's not a pet, it's a slave.

I'm surprised He-Man didn't use a riding crop while riding Battlecat.

Given that example, should the US Army lobotomise and pump full of steroids all the recruits passing through boot camp?
Well, Luna of the Lunataks on Thundercats used a riding crop when she rode Amok. BTW, Panthro was voiced by the grandpa from The Cosby Show.

Speaking of He-Man, Skeletor (who also voiced Cringer & Battlecat) is the captain of the Odyssey, Koroth from "Rightful Heir", and the ambassador in the greatest space elevator story produced in the year of 1997, "Rise". DS9 liked getting cartoon villains as they also had the voice of Cobra Commander/Starscream as characters in "The Passenger" & "Blood Oath" (he was also in TNG). Unfortunately Destro never graced Star Trek. He had a great voice.
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