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Re: White House petition demanding apology for "Jedi mindmeld" comment

Seriously, this is serious business. Obama said he can't use a jedi mindmeld to make the parties reach agreement. What's he gonna say, "My mind to your mind. These are not the cuts you're looking for. Move along"?

He could use a Vulcan mind meld to try and get the parties to understand where each side is coming from, or he could use a jedi mind trick to fool weak-minded Harry Reid into signing a deal with Mitch McConnell (which would result in cuts), but a combination move would merely trick each party into thinking they understand the other side's position, which gets them absolutely nowhere.

A good negotiator, even one trained in the ways of the Force at Starfleet Academy, should know this, like when Captain Kirk reached an agreement with the Trade Federation to cut off Romulan access to dilithium crystals so they couldn't make more lightsabers, relying on the aid of a P-9 telepath provided by Earth Alliance's Psi Corps to make sure all parties were negotiating in good faith.
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