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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Actually, yes, it does.
Well, it's a matter of opinion (and what we mean by "need"), but even with new HD effects, the sets and overall aesthetics would still be that of a low-budget 90s TV show... Which is fine, since that's what it is. And I'm perfectly ok watching that in it's original SD resolution, as a product of it's time.*

The problem is, what's on DVD now is in many ways WORSE than what we originally saw on TV. Yes, I know the live action was shot in widescreen, but the sides of the picture are rarely utilized for anything interesting. In fact composition in the early seasons is actually better suited to full screen, with characters oddly bunching up around the middle of the screen.

On top of that we get the cropped CGI, which isn't so bad in itself... but the blown up resolution makes it look pixilated and jagged. And any shots with mixed live action and effects fare even worse - way below broadcast quality. The full screen versions simply look better overall, or at least much more consistent. AND they already exist. They're the definitive versions of B5 as originally produced, and it's just a shame we can't get our hands on them.

*Yeah, I kinda feel the same way about the Star Trek HD upgrades. They're nice I guess, and very well done, but not strictly "necessary".
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