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Re: What sunk the TNG movie franchise: Insurrection or Nemesis?

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Lance wrote;
His reaction makes perfect sense because he's disappointed in himself for taking B4 on trust and for putting the lives of his friends in danger
No it doesn't because he shouldn't have showed any emotion because he doesn't have the emotion chip activated.
An entire subplot with Data trying to help B4 develop was filmed but mostly dropped from the movie. Data's storyline in Nemesis was that he had a new brother who he wanted to help along, and (at least the one deleted scene related to the subplot we do get to see) shows Data somewhat disappointed in B4's lack of progress in even the simplest of tasks. These deleted scenes show why he jacks himself into B4's neural net and tries to give his little brother a helping hand in the development department. He's therefore incredibly disappointed that he allowed himself to be taken in by the B4 sceme, and (like it or not) Spiner does seem to imply in his "because you are dangerous" speech while deactivating B4 that it's Data's decision to shut-down B4, because he's made the same mistake he made with Lore: too much trust. He blames himself for making the same mistake twice, and is determined that he won't let B4 cloud his judgement like he did Lore.

See, THIS is the true reason why Nemesis is made of fail. Even Brent Spiner's story line got screwed over by the director this time around.

(For what it's worth, I prefer to take the final scene as being an indication that B4 is finally beginning to develop, and that a subsequent movie could have had Spiner as B4. The route the novels took of having Data "take over" his brother seemed a little heartless IMHO.)

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No it doesn't because he shouldn't have showed any emotion because he doesn't have the emotion chip activated.
The emotion chip was never mentioned even once in the Nemesis movie. It made all the scenes with emotional Data in Generations even more pointless since we know it will make no lasting impact.
Again, the emotion chip is in a deleted scene. Its omission from the plot was down to the director getting a bit too scissor-happy in the editing room.
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