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Re: White House petition demanding apology for "Jedi mindmeld" comment

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George Takei is on The Ed Show right now, saying that he doesn't think it was really a flub. He thinks that the President is trying to get the opposing sides to find common ground.

Interesting; perhaps it was some kind of Freudian slip.
There is no common ground to be had. lightspeed /= warp, blasters /= phasers, missiles /= photon torpedoes, "*beep* *boop* she just lost her will to live" /= "I am modulating the shield nutation to compensate for the gravimetric anomaly"

The only thing they might have in common is once letting a very irritating, spoiled kid fly a ship.

Star Wars is what you'd get if Wesley Crusher was the central character.

Locutus, the photobucket images show up fine for me.
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