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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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Somebody just got done negotiating what is reported to be a 6-year, $120M contract. Any guesses on who that was? Anybody?

Joe Flacco. Oh good lord. Don't get me wrong, the guy's not a bad QB by any means.... but he ain't a $120M QB either. Oh, Baltimore. No wonder why the GM said they wouldn't be paying out the ass to keep this year's team together- they don't have any money left to bring the rest of them back!
Flacco was overpaid, sure, but he took a risk cutting off contract talks before the season, won the Super Bowl (and was the MVP), was a dropped pass and missed field goal from going last year on top of that, and honestly, someone would pay him for that. The Ravens absolutely could not lose him under any circumstance. What other option did they have? Flacco and his agent took a big gamble, and it paid off.

Also, this deal means that Aaron Rodgers is going to own part of Lambeau Field when his extension gets worked out.
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