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Re: I'm giving Enterprise another chance

I don't hate ENT and I liked S4. And yet...

It got to be too much fanwank for me.
As if they knew this was gonna be the last ST for a while, their last chance, so let's throw in everything including the kitchen sink.

Mirror Universe, Gorn, T'Pau, Tholians, Andorians, Tellarites, TOS Defiant, Sehlats, Eugenics War Augments, goateed Vulcans, Pike-like facial injuries, TOS Klingons, Surak... it goes on and on. Too much, too late, too fast.

I love this stuff as much as the next fan. But too often it seemed like tossing it all in at the end rather than including certain things for a purpose.

Bring back the Gorn? Sure, I've been waiting for decades.
As done in ENT? Gratuitous last minute no-purpose fanwank.

Sounds like I'm bitching, but I do like ENT and the TOS stuff.
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