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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

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Between the end of DS9 and the 3rd season of Enterprise, both the execs and the writers displayed absolutely no idea what the people who still tuned in every week wanted in a television show. The execs thought they wanted the same repetitive predictable drivel you see on a show like Full House, and the writers thought they wanted rehashes of successful TNG tropes. None of them ever thought 'Hey, let's have a character driven show with exciting adventure and smart action', which is what might have kept the franchise going a little longer.
To be fair, Braga wanted some character and political stuff for his version of season 1, which was about building the Enterprise after a Klingon attack. The problem was the execs wanted the TNG formula and no continuity, so the writers just had to follow the orders from on high until the poor ratings caused the execs to loosen up the reigns for S3 and S4.
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