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Haven't they already said this new "Crucible" series will be the finale of the Han Luke Leia story?

I think Luke needs to make a great and noble self sacrifice to save the Jedi from an ultimate evil. Han and Leia I think should survive into old age after all the suffering they've been through with their children. Jaina needs to create the new Imperial dynasty with Jagged Fel, of course. Ben needs to become the next great Jedi without falling into darkness.

The big question to me is, who/what should be the final villain? Has to be someone powerful in the Dark Side, but they just did the ultimate evil in Abeloth and they just did a story with a whole mess of Sith, so where do you go from there?

If I understand my Legacy continuity correctly, it can't be the Darth Krayt group, correct? Because they stay a complete mystery until the Legacy comic, right?
For a final villain, I think Krayt can fit the bill if he kills whoever discovers him so that the One Sith can remain secret. Or whoever can survive Krayt without discovering his identity. Luke was already made aware of him in Apocalypse so it would make little sense for him not to follow up on that.

How I would like to see it end. I wouldn't mind if Han was the one that made the sacrifice, Leia take over the Jedi Order, and Luke go off into the Unknown Regions or something, a la Paul Atreides in Dune Messiah. Let's not forget Lando. He should become leader of the Alliance. Or the revitalized Trade Federation.
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