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If I may, Christopher, I have a question: you've mentioned that Rigel is featuring in the novel - just how prominent is the Rigel system (if telling us won't be revealing too much, of course)?

I ask because a friend on another forum, who seems to count Enterprise as his favourite Star Trek series (I believe it was also the first one he saw) really likes the Rigellians (not yet sure why, but why not, I suppose?) and is interested in learning more about them. He hasn't yet read any of the novels, but he's interested in starting; an Enterprise-era novel featuring Rigellians (or Denobulans, for that matter, his other favourites) would be ideal.

He's specifically wondered "why wasn't Rigel among the UFP founders when it was represented at the Coalition conference?", so if this novel is exploring the early UFP-Rigel relationship I can't think of a better entry point to Trek lit.
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