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And yes, you have answered some of my questions, and thank you for doing so. Though I'm hoping that over time, you might eventually fill in more of the gaps behind the Avalon class's history.
Without the risk of making people think we are hijacking this thread for anything but the ship itself, I will add this little bit more.

There really is not a huge Avalon Class History. When we joined IFT many years ago, we needed to come up with a name and class of ship. We did not want to use any cannon ships so my XO designed what was the old Grandeur and we were trying to think of names and Classes.

Because we both liked the Medieval period of time, Knights, Kings, Oueens, etc. And a little more importantly King Authur and the whole story, we decided that the word 'Avalon' would be a good name for the Class. Avalon as you may know was the Isle where King Arthur was laid to rest.
While a few different names came up for the name of the ship we finally settled on Grandeur. Not catching it at that exact moment, but about a day later we had found out that Grandeur was the name of King Arthur's Horse, so it all tied in beautifully.

Short of that we had never given much more thought, nor did we need too, to creating anymore back story into the Avalon Class.

Here is a link to our shuttle page where as you can see we named our compliment of type 9 and type 11 shuttles after English names representing people, places or things.

Should there ever be a need in future stories to address other ships being added to the Avalon II design then we may use other common names associated with that time period. Common well known names like, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Guinevere and the list goes on could be used.

That is about it, I hope people watching the thread does not get upset over so much detail. If any more questions need to be asked I guess we can do those in e-mail. Thank you for your interest.
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