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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Both, actually.
Well, I think I'd get in trouble if I started posting about Serenity here. I really don't think posting about it can be justified in this thread. I will say that it would probably be a bit harder to justify its tied #1 spot then it is to talk about TDK at the worst slot. Serenity without Firefly probably wouldn't make it to #1 (although its still a great movie, I actually saw it before watching the series and liked it, but after seeing the series it became one of my favorite movies). Also, remember that its a list of my favorite movies and what I think is the best. I'm not trying to say that everyone should think Serenity is one of the best movies ever. That really depends on what you think of Firefly, and your taste in movies. It benefits from having 13 episodes of a series, without the series it would be a different movie (it would have to be, because it would need to explain more and develop the characters, instead of benefitting from the tV series already having done that). The Wrath of Khan I seriously think is the best movie of all time, with no asterix like I'd have to put on Serenity. So many people have talked about TWoK that I probably couldn't say anything more about it that hasn't been said, although it probably doesn't need to be defended.

As for TDK, like I said, I made a pretty detailed post, and I'll go into more detail if there is something specific people want me to explain more than I did.
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