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Re: Why is Neelix allowed on the bridge?

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It's amazing how few assimilated civilizations Voyager ran into considering Seven knew so much about everyone everywhere. It's almost like the Borg visit every one, judge them and earmark when they might be ready for assimilation, be it weeks, years or centuries off from the current date.


It's not just the Federation who repell the Borg so easily.
The Borg are like some people- they just aren't that into exploration. Look at what we saw on Voyager. Heavy assimilation off of their transwarp highways. Go a little ways beyond it and there are people who had no trouble with the Borg. How many people going down an interstate say "You know what, I'm going to get off here at Nowheresville and head down thataway just to see what's down there"? The Borg are lazy. Advanced, yet lazy. They just use their collective muscle to get new technology instead of thinking it up, though presumably there's somebody in the Borg with some independent thought/creativity that makes it compatible with all their existing technology and makes sure its fashion doesn't clash with the Borg aesthetic (we never saw these interior designer drones that still had some independence of thought).

Want to know something really cool that just struck me a few days ago? Borg space probably isn't all Borg. There are probably some M-class planets that didn't have good mineral profiles for mass strip mining so they are probably left alone and some planets with pre-warp civilizations, or lousy warp civilizations. Borg space is huge, there's gotta be some race like the sponge-headed kilt-wearing louts with warp drive somewhere in there. Arturis' home system was an island in Borg space, but that was because they were so advanced and they were besieged by the Borg.
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