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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I really didn't want to derail the thread. But, we are talking about Nolan, and he's a big part of the movie, so its still on topic in a way. My opinion on the movie is effected by the fact that I think he's a hack, and I can't really give an opinion on MoS without atleast bringing him up. Now, people getting riled up about my opinion of him wasn't really surprising, and it has kind of messed with the thread (although honestly it got a lot worse when I said I hated Abrams in a thread about him talking over Star wars) and I didn't want that. Still, I felt like I needed to answer the question about what I hate about TDK.

Anyway, speaking about MoS, I would love for this movie to surprise me, to go against all of my bias towards Nolan and be a good movie. Superman having a triumphant return to the big screen would be awesome. I just think there is a better chance of me getting abducted by aliens and named the emperor of their interstellar kingdom then there is of MoS being a good movie.

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Your review of TDK wasn't very illuminating. "Bale sucks", "Ledger doesn't act like the Joker" and "the story is slow" doesn't say much. A blank page is slightly more informative. Your review of your top rated film (Serenity) contains one word "Awesome". Again, not very informative.
Reviews on Criticker have a strict character limit (500, including spaces and things like periods), so any "review" I have for rated movies on there is usually just a comment about it. Also, the word "Awesome!" in Serenity's section isn't something I posted. Criticker puts a word near everything you rate, based off of the number ranking. Depending on the ranking, it will show the score and then say something like: Awesome, Great, Good, Not Good, bad, terrible. Each word is assigned based on a range of numbers, like 90-100 rated movies are called "awesome", 0-50 are terrible, etc.
Anywhere else to get your full opinion then? Something more expansive?

About Serenity, or TDK? I posted what I thought was a pretty detailed post about TDK. Not all my reasons, but enough that I anything else I added wouldn't be neccesary. A paragraph about my basic problems with Bale and Alfred (not a lot of detail, but enough to get my general opinion), two paragraphs about why Ledger was a bad joker, and another big paragraph about the problems with nolan's attempt at a "realistic" Batman and what I think is a better way to portray Batman outside of comics in general. If there is something in the post you'd specifically like me to elaborate on, I'll do it. I just don't know what I need to say, outside of trying to write an essay on the movie in general.

If you're talking about serenity (which I don't think you are), I can easily talk about it,although I would point out that its tied with The Wrath of Khan as my favorite movie. Its only on top of it because I think the rankings go alphabetically if the movies are tied in the numbers. If I had to choose between them I'd go for TWoK, but besides that they're the two movies that I'd say are my favorite.
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