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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Your review of TDK wasn't very illuminating. "Bale sucks", "Ledger doesn't act like the Joker" and "the story is slow" doesn't say much. A blank page is slightly more informative. Your review of your top rated film (Serenity) contains one word "Awesome". Again, not very informative.
Reviews on Criticker have a strict character limit (500, including spaces and things like periods), so any "review" I have for rated movies on there is usually just a comment about it. Also, the word "Awesome!" in Serenity's section isn't something I posted. Criticker puts a word near everything you rate, based off of the number ranking. Depending on the ranking, it will show the score and then say something like: Awesome, Great, Good, Not Good, bad, terrible. Each word is assigned based on a range of numbers, like 90-100 rated movies are called "awesome", 0-50 are terrible, etc.
Anywhere else to get your full opinion then? Something more expansive?
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