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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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DS9 will live on, but so will B5. Being born in 1990, I didn't watch the show until 2010 and fell head over heels in love with it. I didn't give a fuck that it looks "dated" (wow, a 90s show looked like it was made in the 90s! what a shocker). It's one of the absolute best shows in terms of making good on its promises and rewarding the audience for sticking with it, and that's always gonna have an appeal. It's unique, imaginative and creative enough that there will always be a new group of people, although it won't be large, who will continue to discover the show and fall in love with it (although getting past S1 is always gonna be an issue).
I agree. B5 is a great show for a lot of its run. But it has more challenges in terms of getting into it (that first season especially -- although DS9's first season does not exactly draw people in either), and a lot of those challenges are ones that DS9 does not pose. DS9 looks better and it has generally better acting (not across the board, but its average, including guest stars, is a lot higher, IMO).

And that dated look is a drawback because it turns people off from watching it, people who would otherwise enjoy it. I hope CGI gets to the point sometime in the future where all the effects can be redone and the widescreen aspect of the show does not serve as such a hindrance. (If you've ever seen the effects work done in their original aspect vs. what they look like on the DVD, you know what a crime was committed releasing the show like that. A lot of the aesthetic beauty of the work is destroyed.)

Episode title? "Matters of Honor."
Just that I've read more than once JMS talk about how the names of first episodes of seasons are trying to say something about the show as a whole ("Midnight on the Firing Line" and "No Compromises" in particular.) I am stretching here, but JMS' assertion that DS9 took its premise from B5 is, you know, something of a matter of honor.
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