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Re: Enterprise: Exec wanted "Top Bands" on the show

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Another possibility might be to have different bands sing the opening theme.
Yep. Remixes & cover versions. One week Evanescence. Noel Gallagher the next. Linkin Park the next.

But this being UPN, we'd have gotten some (now long forgotten) talent show winner doing it... They'd take that great idea and turn it into shit, because Enterprise had a demographic and you can stretch that slightly, but it wouldn't ever completely fit in with who their other programming was aimed at.

I wonder if Berman & Braga ended up in anyway resentful of Manny Coto? I mean the reviews are much better for that last season, and clearly UPN seemed to have completely given up on tinkering with Enterprise - probably because its fate was already sealed - but there's a new found freedom, in which the show is finally allowed to be a Star Trek fans could identify with. Certain pre-existing elements from the show's history like the Orions and Augments, meeting some of that desire for more sexualisation and eye candy for a general audience, having been right there all along.

On the basis of "In a Mirror, Darkly" they ought to have kept changing the theme tune every year. Weirdly, the song became more upbeat in the darkest season. Some contrasts between music and the scene surrounding it work. This one didn't for me. "Impulse" and T'Pol is screaming in Sickbay. Cut to the happy clappy song. "Twilight" and the whole Earth is gone. Cut to the inspirational theme.

I'd have been quite keen to see Enterprise get a few "All Along the Watchtower" moments a lá BSG...
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